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1 red trouser, 2 ways

Hi, my name is Aneka Stewart and I am a shopaholic. Not only am I a shopaholic, I like to repeat my favorite pieces to create new outfits. I consider myself to be a smart shopper. And one that is never ashamed to repeat something in my closet.


Check out the details on my favorite red trousers. From play time to work time, this classic staple is one I would always be proud to wear.

RedPantsBreakDown2 copy

I wore these trousers for the first time at FashArt, a fashion and art event and these were perfect because they were so comfortable and light. I also had to conduct interviews so this look was effortless and fun. A crop top is also a fun piece to have in your wardrobe particularly for the summer months. The best part about pairing with red trousers is that it compliments it just enough. My frog earrings are what I like to call ‘conversation pieces.’ Wear these on a date and see where the conversation takes you! 😉

RedPantsBreakDown copy

I’m a sucker for classic pieces like blazers and tanks tops. These staples help to add that extra spin to fun trousers like these. The best part? They work with denim and shorts too! It is also my opinion that nude pumps are a gift from God. Whenever I can’t find the right color to work with my look I pull these out!

Don’t be afraid to re-use your favorite pieces because your friends have seen you in it before or there’s a picture online! Make the best of your wardrobe AND money by repeating with a cool twist!

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