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10 things I’ll miss about summer

I know, summer doesn’t officially end until September 22nd but when you start hearing the Back-2-School promos, summer is as good as gone! Here’s what I’ll miss the most.

1. When hip-hop returned. 

Ok, Ok, sorry about the jab Drake but I mean, Meek used the one diss he had on you to try to redeem himself after committing career suicide! I loved the rap battle between the two rappers and it reminded me of when hip-hop was entertaining and really gave you something to look forward to. I think it’s safe to say that Drake came out swinging and I loved every minute of it. The gents over at 10th Year Seniors gathered the best memes from the rap battle and it is nothing short of complete comedy! Check it out here. 

2. The parties

Yes people, it has happened. I’ve reached that point in my life where going out has become quite the task. If it requires pants these days, I’m not sure I want to make the effort to go but I sure did make lots of exceptions this summer. From thrilling day parties to the night time epicness that included great music, I had the time of my life!

Sebas35th_Pool party_summer

Sebas 35th Pool party


Theo's surprise birthday bash by the beach!

Theo’s surprise birthday bash by the beach!




Does this even need further explanation? There’s nothing like cruising to work with a little time left to grab breakfast and make it to the office in one piece.

4. Traveling

I didn’t travel as much as I would have liked but I started Spring with a couple trips to Jamaica and stayed at the amazing Sandals Ochi, Sandals Royal Caribbean and Beaches Negril. I popped in to Sandals Montego Bay then ran over to Grand Pineapple Negril for a walk-through. It was so hard to call this trip work, especially with all the amazing tours we did. Everything from ziplining, horseback riding in the ocean, bamboo river rafting and even bobsleding! I promise to share those highlights in another post. Next up – Atlanta, Abaco, Boston and Turks!



5. Restarting this website.

I’m so happy to finally have the time to express myself creatively again! A huge part of me is always missing when is not getting the love and care she deserves. Writing is freeing and therapeutic. Thank you for reading. I love you guys!

6. Mexico

My first visit to Mexico was an amazing one but believe it or not, I couldn’t stand the cold. Hard to imagine in Mexico but December 2014 made me crazy! Being back there in June for J’s graduation was so delightful. Great food, connecting with friends and celebrating a huge milestone in my man’s life was something I won’t soon forget.

Video Jun 05, 2 38 09 AM

7. Giving back

Giving back to the community is always important to me. Cay to Style hosted it’s first Clothing Drive and Food Drive in 2013 and this summer I was happy to be part of the Lanes for Learning Bowling League.


Lanes for Learning was developed in Canada and it identifies 25 students within the government school system who posses great potential but have fallen short due to financial distraction. There was so much power in the room and it was heart warming to hear those kids talk about their goals and dreams.


8. The beach.

Luckily, you can have a beach day almost anytime of the year in The Bahamas but there’s just something about summer that brings everyone to the beach, on the same day during summer. We snorkeled, swam and took selfies below the waters.


9. Endless sunshine.

Yes, I hated sweating my a$ off. Would you believe my car’s air condition stopped working at the very start of summer?  (Side eye). We all complained about the heat this summer but I can’t deny that sunshine makes me feel a lot better. There’s just something about it that lifts my spirits and I was happy to have it until 7:45 everyday.

10. A sense of happiness and comfort

There’s nothing like the Christmas cheer, or the spring sensation but the summer sweetness is unbeatable! There’s just something about summer that brings this lightness in the air. I don’t feel like I have to rush or stick to some crazy schedule. Summer is meant for endless laughter and nonstop shaking on the dance floor. I’m damn happy I threw my dancing shoes on for Summer 2015!



What will you miss about summer?


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