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Hello queen

Aneka Stewart

A queen
























What a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’ve heard so many people talk about being queens or having a queen in their life. I’ve heard about the attributes of a queen and I wondered – am I a queen? Do I posses the qualities of a queen? What exactly does it mean to be a queen?

I wasn’t sure what the answer to any of those questions were and I wasn’t sure where to go to find the information. Thankfully, there’s a God above who finds creative ways to tell us who we are and what our best features are. He’s a God who created us so different from each other but we all posses extraordinary gifts. It’s like He made us kings and queens in our own right; in our own identity.AnekaStewart2

That’s when I found out I was a queen. I had experienced God in a different way than I ever had before and what a fine meeting that was. I learned from being in His presence that I am special and I am like a flower.I am beautiful and delicate; yet I help make the world a more beautiful place. My purpose is to bloom and grow and light up and the world. My purpose is to always grow, no matter where I am planted. I am here to be unapologetically be who I am.

Hello queen. Find your queendom. Get to know her and live in that truth.

Dear Lord, thank you for creating me in your own image and likeness. Thank you for creating a queen in me.


Aneka Stewart_

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