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It’s a Bahamian Thing | Jodi Minnis

Jodi Minnis, you have made me even more proud to be a Brown Girl! Thursday evening brought out a group of people elated to support 20 year old artist Jodi Minnis. Held at Central Bank Bahamas- Downtown Bay Street, the evening started with paintings and even headphones.

Jodi told stories through the Hush242 Headphones and sprinkled in some Vybez Kartel and some good ole Rake N’ Scrape. Wine, art and mugglin’? Here for it.

Here are some of the highlights. Check out the showing from now until February 22nd, 2016.


it's a Bahamian Thing_Art Show

It's a Bahamian Thing - Art Show

It's a Bahamian Thing - Art Show - Bahamas

“The pieces discussed/illustrated the “Sweethearting” culture in The Bahamas. She used a lot of imagery that contained mosquitos, roaches and conch salad – a nod to some cultural references that are related to the topics of adultery and sex in The Bahamas. It was really amazing and the exhibit will be open until February, so if you’re in Nassau, you’ll want to check it out!”

by @theycallmetap

Khia Poitier

It's a Bahamian Thing - Bahamas- Art Show


It's a Bahamian Thing - Art Show

IMG_2019 copy_caytostyle




It's a Bahamian Thing






It's a Bahamian Thing - Art Show - Bahamas

It's a Bahamian Thing - Art Show

Antonius Roberts - Bahamas

Jodi Minnis

Jodi Minnis

Jodi Minnis - Bahamas - caytostyle




Cay to Style

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