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20 Great things about your 20’s!

Ahh, your twenties. You’re old enough to be considered an adult, young enough to still be considered stupid and irresponsible. But there’s a lot of magic in your twenties. I’m right in the middle and I’m loving it. Here’s what you can look forward to if you’re not there yet and here’s what it used to feel like if you were lucky enough to have this once.

  1. Your body is amazing

Listen to me for a second; I promise I’m not vain. But there’s just something sexy as f^ck about that 20 something body. And sexy can be anything. If you’re petite, you’ve got amazing breasts and mad stamina. If you’re curvy, your body dances when you move and you can wine like no other. Your curves are fun and full. Take care of this body while you can. Do it while your metabolism is forgiving and you can bounce back from almost anything. It hurts a lot more later in life.

2. Your passion, enthusiasm and drive

Being inspired doesn’t always come naturally or quickly. So when you are inspired-  constantly –  use that opportunity to propel yourself. Use that enthusiasm to do the things you love. It’s gets so hard to make time for everything as you get older. Time management sometimes sucks your enthusiasm and creativity.

3. Sex is spontaneous and passionate

I mean, where else do you put all that energy?

4. You’ve accepted your flaws

Growth is always good and  you should always aim to be better. I do believe that we have some flaws that never really go away; even when we become better at other things. Sometimes we are challenged to get rid of those ‘flaws’ but it is absolutely okay to have flaws. As the years go on, you stop beating yourself up for not being perfect. And faster. And ‘better’. You learn to accept yourself for who you are.

5. You spend time with yourself

Now is when you have the freedom to run the town with your friends and make your own rules. You party, you network, you stay up late, you get up early. But you also know how nice it is to do things alone. You know the small victories when you fix something all by yourself. You become so beautiful and you fall in-love with yourself. You rock.

6. You challenge the status quo

If people make absurd requirements of your time, you’ll challenge them. You just don’t accept the rules because they’ve been there forever. You question them to ensure they still make sense and can accurately speak to how we live our lives in the new millennium.

7. Your parents respect you

If you have parents that are anything like mine, you have to accomplish the universe and a moon before they give you that ‘I’m proud of you’ talk. It took 4 years and some change before my mother decided that, “okay, maybe you’re an adult now and can do this adult thing without failing and without having to run back home.”

8. You know your limits

You eventually learn what you stand for and what you don’t. You also decide on the things you’re liberal and less conservative about and you know where the buck stops for you. This is great because no one can talk you into anything. Any decision you make is yours and you’re confident about making said decissions; no matter what people think.

9. Music really mean something to you

No, we don’t have another Bary White or another Luther Vandros but we sure as hell have a lot of people that are trying. On their road to becoming great artists, we get to hear them all challenge each other to be better as they try to be the best at their genre. In the meantime, we get to enjoy new music.

10. Travel

Should I just create another post for this? I mean, travel does things to you, nothing else or no-one can do. Travel.

11. You know what your talents are

You can stop guessing. You know your strong suits and you know what you would hate for people to know you’re weak at. The beauty of recognizing what your talents are at this point is that you can really focus on those talents and make them better by practicing with them and sharpening them.

12. You fall in love

Love is a beautiful thing.

About 5 years ago I wrote a letter to myself that I can’t open until 2020. I wrote in the letter that men are stupid and that I never want to be married. I said that relationships are not, and will never be a priority for me. But then I fell in-love. And I’ve been lucky enough to fall in-love twice. There’s a lot of growth that comes from love …and heartbreak. You learn so much about yourself from giving love to someone. You learn so much about your heart and character when you have to think about someone else. It’s something beautiful.

13. You realize your friends are your family

Family is important. There’s nothing like feeling like your squad is trustworthy, honest and willing to stand up for you. You need that comfort. You need that trust. You need that positivity.

14. You get serious about your future

There’s something about 25 that makes savings, investments, networking, development and planning the most important thing in your life. You can feel your dreams, you can see traces of the end of the tunnel and you are hungry to have it all. You make the necessary changes in your life in preparation for the next step. You’re smarter.

15. You don’t tolerate much

You learn very quickly that if Party A don’t have what it takes, Party B is ready and willing to do it correctly, with a discount card on your return visit. You learn very quickly not to tolerate garbage in your relationship or lack of respect/ growth on the job. And when you decide that you’re done, you don’t feel sorry about it.

16. You know what’s fake and what’s not

You’re no longer fooled by all the commercials and the teasers. You’re no longer impressed by the special effects. Instead, you pick out the garbage early on and you decide what you want to spend your money on … for value.

17. You’re  ambitious

If people created all the (material) things we have now, we can do it too. We can think of something that can change the way we experience the world. We believe that even more now, in our 20’s.

18. You stop comparing yourself to people

**James had parents that gave him a head-start and a trust fund. I don’t have that. And that’s okay. We all have different lives and experience the world differently. We don’t grow at the same pace and again, that is okay. Quite frankly, that person’s achievements or downfalls isn’t any of my business.

19. You learn what your rights are

You know what constitutional rights you have and how to protect yourself against accusations, blackmail and framing. Am I in a spy movie at this point?

20. You know everything will work together for the better.

In your 20’s you realize that maybe you won’t die after you didn’t get that promotion or when that relationship didn’t work out. You know that there’s hope and there’s a new day ahead- If God allows; and you know that you are capable of anything.


Comment below and tell me some of the great things you are experiencing in your 20’s.

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  • Kira Solomon

    This is spot on, Aneka! I am loving my 20’s and for all the reasons you mentioned. I only hope that it gets better from here on out. 🙂

    September 23, 2015 at 11:44 am Reply
  • farra rahming

    Awesome…very nice

    September 24, 2015 at 4:18 pm Reply
  • Anonymous

    You are spot on with just about every point listed. I mean my 20’s have been the most exciting periods in my life so far, and I cant agree more with this post.

    One thing I can add is that in my 20’s I’ve learned that I’m just a small spectral in the universe that adds to something so beautifully made.

    Dope read!

    October 1, 2015 at 10:06 am Reply

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