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Tanya Saunders Boutique | #GalentinesDay


What can I say? I love shopping and I love shopping even more when I’m in a boutique that makes me feel like I’m in fashion heaven. Having a great experience is always important to me and that’s why I always love going to Tanya Saunders Boutique. I can also count on Tanya to have unique pieces that I can’t find anywhere else on the island and taking in the views of fun chandeliers, bed and bath products and eclectic jewelry just lights up my world. Here’s what my delightful Saturday afternoon looked like.


I usually enjoy my shopping experience alone but on Saturday, I joined two fabulous ladies for a ‘quick peek’ that quickly turned into a shopping party. Tanya brought out a bottle of Rose´and before we knew it, we were toasting to being fabulous, fun and smart! 

Tanya Saunders

Cay to Style

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