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5 easy ways to restore energy and happiness

It’s no secret that life can put us through the ropes sometimes. One minute all is fine and another you have no idea how you ended up in a rut, confused and afraid. So here are 5 small things I do to restore energy and happiness when things get a little rough. 


Here’s a great start to renewing your faith and your happiness. Life seems like a big mystery a lot of times and it is crucial that we stay connected to the source. Prayer is the bridge between us and our Creator so why not take advantage? And no, you don’t have to go to church to pray or to have a healthy relationship with God. Find a quiet place and speak to God. He loves it and this helps in getting your mind at ease and even helps you to stay focused on the things God wants you to be focused on.


Simple right? But if you’re a workaholic like myself you feel guilty when it’s time to take a break. You feel like you’re wasting time or that life is passing you by. But I am here, the workaholic, to tell you that it is okay to take a little time off or a day of rest. Someone once said to me: ‘Even machines need some time to rest.’ The same applies to human beings. Resting is apart of life and apart of restoring your body.


3. Try Yoga

I tried yoga for the first time a few months ago and I loved it! So much so, I started going every week or every chance I got! Yoga includes breathing techniques, stretching and meditation. My first class was a mixed one so I got the opportunity to push my body to the limit a little. Two amazing hours completely disconnected from the world; focusing on positive energy and caring for my body. I recommend this to anyone that needs a breather and a time to run away from the cares of the world- if even just for a little.


4. Catch up with a good friend

Sometimes we need a pleasant reminder from the people that know us well. Whether it’s at a nearby bar, a restaurant or even at your house, having a chat with a friend can do wonders for your self esteem and your happiness. It’s also so safe to be able to be yourself around someone you can trust.

5. Go dancing.

Whether it’s Zumba or the real dance floor at your favorite club, there’s something exciting about leaving your cares on the dance floor! Don’t worry about who’s looking. Wear something comfy, get yourself hydrated and move to the beat. No care in the world!

Never be afraid to do the things you enjoy every now and then. Life is about balance or finding the closest thing to balance. Between work squeeze in a little play. Your body and mind will thank you for it later.

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