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5 Things I learned from ‘Making a Murderer’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or so you would have heard some buzz about the latest , and most dramatic documentary on Netflix – ‘Making a Murderer.’ I didn’t want to give in to the hype but after much thought, I caved and boy, what an emotional rollercoaster that was! If you haven’t watched it yet, please don’t read beyond this point. Spoilers ahead!

The documentary showed details about the imprisonment of Steven Avery whom was released after 18 years when DNA evidence showed that he was indeed innocent; much like he declared when he was imprisoned and charged. Fast forward 2 years when Steven is settled into a new life and he is then accused of raping, murdering and mutilating a 25 year old photographer. The widely publicized case received lots of mixed reviews about Steven’s innocence and things got even more bizarre when his 16 year old nephew ‘admitted’ to being involved in the crime. Watch to get caught up on the drama.

Much happened in the 10 part documentary and over the course of the show I learned some of the following and was reminded of how important it to to ensure that I have these things in tact.

* Keep a clean track record

Yes, we know things happen but the very first thing Making a Murderer taught me was the importance of ensuring your reputation is in tact. One point that always came up about Steven during this documentary was that he has a violent past and a dirty record. We all know that human beings are quick to remind us of the time we messed up, should we mess up again and you save yourself lots of trouble if people can’t prove or say that you’ve had a ‘troubled past.’ You are your reputation.

* Teach your kids about honestly and the consequences of lying

It is one thing to tell your kids the importance of telling the truth but it is a totally different (and equally important) to tell them the consequences they face when they tell lies or make up stories. None of the minors in this documentary seemed to understand the drastic repercussions they could face when they make up stories or say something in the moment with no thought of how it affects them or the people around them. Children truly are what we teach them and it is a parent’s role to ensure they learn all the vital life lessons they need to survive. This includes teaching them integrity, honesty and responsibility; amongst other important life lessons.

* Keep a good lawyer on speed dial!

I mean, did you see Len Kachinsky? I mean, I just could not get pass the lack of professionalism displayed by Brendan Dassey’s lawyer. Keep a good lawyer on speed dial should you need someone present during an interrogation or someone to represent you in court.

* Money, money, money!

I mean, this is a life lesson outside of Making a Murderer. This documentary did however show the important of having money saved if even just to afford a good lawyer or have your family help you, should you need it. Like most things in life, the quality of work boils down to how many coins you can put up.

* Know your rights

I learned so many things about the legal system from this documentary. It did however, show the importance of knowing your rights. Had Brendan or his mother known their rights, he would not answer questions without a lawyer present and his mother would not allow him to be alone with interrogators. Knowledge is key and in this case, knowledge or the lack thereof can cause you your freedom.


What did you think of Making a Murderer? Do you think Steven Avery is innocent? What lessons did you learn?

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