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5 things that should never get in the way of that check!

Calling all girl bosses! Calling all girl bosses! You are too fabulous to miss a money making opportunity.

There’s one thing I realized about business recently and that is, all business deals don’t always work out the same way. Sometimes you have to deal with difficult people or situations and it’s so easy to become irritated by everything you’re handling. I’ve found myself wanting to pass up business deals because someone/ something was difficult, but my dear friend told me: ‘Honey, get that check. Don’t let an asshole block the money flow.’

Ladies, don’t let …

  1. Your mood swing

I know, sometimes you’re just not in the mood to handle people or circumstances but moods change. You know just as much as I do that one minute you can be in love with your man and the next, you want to breathe fire all over him; so don’t let a passing emotion dictate your actions and ultimately, the money you make.


2. Laziness

Yes, we all need to rest but you can’t make money if you’re always sleeping. There’s a time for everything and when you’ve gotten your 7 hours of sleep, it’s time to wake up and shake up! Your dreams won’t work unless you do, so get to work!

3. Happy Hour

Balancing a great social life and work is crucial to your happiness, but don’t let an extra couple hours of happy hour keep you from meeting your deadlines or finishing a proposal. I’m certain you don’t want to have broke friends, and I can assure you that people won’t want to hang around you long if you can’t pick up your tab. Having fun is great, but getting work done is equally important.

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4. Your relationship

I love, love! And no, money can’t hug you at night but it sure helps you to sleep peacefully. I believe that women can have it all; love and money, so there is no need to choose. However, if you’re fighting with your partner or need to schedule date night, ensure that it doesn’t clash with a busy work week or meeting times. We all know not all relationships last so you don’t want to feel terrible about missed opportunities once/ if a relationship ends. If the relationship does last, it’s nice to know you can make your own money and contribute to your home in a great way. Not to mention, if your partner loves you, he/ she would want the best for you and your financial status.


5. People

People with attitudes. People who have too much to say. People who are unprofessional. People. If we focused on everything people said and thought about us, we would change our look and personality everyday; only to find out even more people have opinions that truly don’t matter. It is key to think about your life and your future without being distracted by the thought of what people may say. Drown out the thoughts of others and never take what they say personally. You cannot pay the electricity bill with people’s opinions, so be sure not to include it in the budget.

 … get in the way of that check!

Now go out there and kick some ass!

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