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5 ways the internet made our lives better

I’ll just hop to it. You know it’s true.

* Information is easy to find ... and free.

No, you no longer have an excuse about not knowing something or how to do something. With endless how-to videos, YouTube tutorials and a link for every bits and pieces of information you need, we do indeed, hold a powerful tool. It’s much more than cat jokes and free porn. It’s information, all the time, everywhere.

* We can stay connected to the people we love.

If you’ve been in a long distance relationship you know that the internet was a huge blessing to you and your significant other. I managed to survived my (then) long distance relationship by having things like Skpye, FaceTime and ooVoo. When Skype video failed, it was FaceTime. When we were too busy to video chat, FaceTime audio worked perfectly fine. Thank you internet gods.

* Shopping? Without waiting in line?

I cannot express how deeply I hate waiting in line. So much so that I pay all my bills online or over the phone. If it requires me standing in line, I probably won’t purchase something I love. We all know the joy it feels to find the perfect blouse or shirt and you can just click a few buttons and that’s it. That.Is.It. How wonderful!

* Here's your opportunity to make some money

If you’re not making money with the use of the internet you better learn and you better learn fast. There are so many unique and amazing opportunities online and with the use of social media. No, this is not one those “@CEOOvernight” schemes you see in your spam. I have been able to land my dream job with the use of social media and even landed freelance projects with the use of the internet. If you can’t use the internet to learn how to book gigs, use the internet to learnĀ how to book gigs.

* Netflix

If you know me or follow me on snapchat, you know that Netflix is more than a down-town activity for me, it’s an addiction. I love paying just $8 a month to watch whatever I want with no commercials and perfect quality. And when I watch something I love, some Netflix ninja suggests another movie like it that it thinks I might like. They don’t always get it right but hey, what relationship is perfect?

What do you love about the internet? Do you think it has bettered our lives?


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