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7 things we do that drive our men crazy 

Whether it’s intentional or an obvious glitch in every woman ever created, we women just have this special metabolic power to drive our men crazy. I know, girl code. But let’s reason for a minute. Take a look at what we really do … on (digital) paper.
1. Picking a fight out of nowhere, out of nothing; and still not admitting it. As a result you can’t have a happy ending.



I mean, need I say more?

2. Being indecisive about food. Men think: hungry+food = happy. But we make them think: food. Just pick a food. Damn, it can be from any part of the food chain, whipped up by the best chefs. Just. Pick. A. Food.


Ladies, what’s up? I’m guilty of it too.
3. Getting upset when he is honest with you.


We asked if he liked it. He said no. We’re upset.

“But baby, you asked.”
4. You take forever to get dressed.

No one wants to sit there all dressed up, flicking through cable, uncomfortable on the couch and watching the arms of the clock spin because he can’t dare rush you along. How rude?

5. You make him take a thousand pics/ you take a million pics.


I’ll just bow out on this one.

6. Criticize his shoes.

J, this does NOT mean I like those Nike slip-ons. Let the man have his shoes.



Not you though baby. I’m going to help you buy ALL your shoes.
7. When you get upset that he’s not as ‘excited’ as you are.


Point in my direction. Just give me the plaque. I’ve come 4th, 3rd, 2nd and first place in this category. If I’m screaming. You’re screaming. When I’m ‘freaking out’, you’re freaking out. But that’s not the case. That will never be the case.

And that my friends, is heartbreaking.

But they still can’t live without us!


What do you do to drive your man crazy?

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  • LizElle

    I’m always fascinated by male/ female interactions so I put your seven points to my gff and it was hilarious listening to his responses which affirm them. Good fun. Thanks for posting.

    August 30, 2015 at 11:44 am Reply

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