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Abaco – my new love

I take delight in visiting the beautiful island of Exuma and it’s Cays so when I decided to skip over to Abaco I was a little biased. You see, Exuma has been my favorite for some time now so I couldn’t imagine anything better. I won’t spoil the surprise- but let’s just say Abaco certainly  showed up and showed out. Peep the deets from my experience there!


An unfiltered snaptshot of a dock by Curly Tails. It certainly was a hot day but it was the most beautiful thing you’ve seen.

Grabbers - Abaco

The sites continued at Grabbers!

Isn’t this post card worthy?

We took in some sun, coconut trees and battle boarding while chowing down some wings, burgers and a cold one! Grabbers – thank you for your hospitality, great views and priceless memories. If you’re looking for some place to stay that’s close to a ferry and the beach, Grabbers was ideal for that.


What’s a trip without a random to- do list. Let’s just say we’ve completed almost everything on this list 😉

Grabbers - Abaco


This was a painful reminder of how uncoordinated I am! Nonetheless, I managed to go a little distance.

Cay to Style

Climb a coconut tree – CHECK!

I must admit that this requires a lot of upper body strength and it was quite the workout but I manages to get somewhere.



Yoga is still a priority even while on vacation. This beach close to Nippers was quite a site to take in. It was the longest stretch of water with no one in sight. What a beautiful moment that was?!

Nippers Abaco

Nippers, oh Nippers.



Sun, sand, sea ….



As the sun began to set the sights became much more beautiful. It seems, living in the city pulls us away from the little things like sitting by the water and taking in the sunset. There’s something so priceless about that and Abaco delivered on that each and everyday of our stay.


Easy lounging at Grabbers.


Full flowers were in bloom and I am a sucker for such beauties! We were off to Baker’s Bay for breakfast.


Just imagine a perfectly manicured lawn, stellar views overseeing the water and the kind of breakfast that melts in your mouth. Baker’s Bay was memorizing and plush. Morning mimosas was first to be ordered followed by homemade omelets, eggs and much more.



I am a happy camper!


Day two is here and we are headed to the beautiful Hope Town on a boat ride.


The most amazing thing about being out on the water was feeling like the smallest figment in the middle of such beauty. It was more than just clouds and water and a boat. We rode for about 30 minutes and I just took everything in. We were in paradise. Such a breathtaking experience!


Our first stop was Firefly. It’s confirmed- I AM GETTING MARRIED HERE! What a beauty with some of the best food you can ask for.



We even took a shot of moonshine which was made right there at Firefly!

7856_10153225013075521_328052854_n IMG_3125


The most magical thing about Abaco besides the water and overall look of the island was the ability to see a sky filled with stars. Living in the city has truly robbed us of the opportunity to be able to enjoy something so small yet so grand.

Without a doubt, every island has its own charm and Abaco is a gem! Hospitality resides here. Beauty resides here. Joy resides here.

Abaco, my love- I will be back soon 🙂

If you would like more information on my trip, places to east; etc, email :

Cay to Style

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