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Beautifully bronzed


I love using a beautiful blush, but I am a sucker for a great bronzer. At this point, I have a collection but I think I’ve found the perfect choices for my skin tone. Summer is upon us and I plan to ditch the blush and wear these bronzers for a light glow. Here’s my collection.

Becca – Champagne Pop

I’ve seen this beauty quite a few times in YouTube tutorials and even in my friend’s makeup kit. The moment I stepped in Sephora, I power walked to the bronzers like they were the last on the shelf!

I love how this shade easily creates a dewy look on my cheeks!


Becca – Topaz

Ok, maybe I didn’t need to purchase this when I already purchased Champagne Pop but this will ensure I never run out … right?


MAC – Global Glow

I purchased this bronzer about a year ago and it is still going strong. Usually, I spray a little Fix+ and run it over my cheek. I love how pronounced it is, but in my opinion, it doesn’t sit as seamless as my Becca products. I have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with Global Glow so I keep it stashed until I try to sample it again.


Kleanor/ Drug Store

When I found these beauties for just $8 I nearly died! Well, it was like eight dollars and a few cents but who cares when the pigmentation is on point? They come in just 2 shades and I wanted to buy 2 of each! They are super easy to apply and shows off a dewy, sun-kissed look!



Now, freak out with me a little?


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