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Cay to Style Clothing Drive for the Salvation Army

“It is better to give than to receive.”

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┬áSo with that Cay to Style hosted it’s very first charity event in the form of a clothing drive for the Salvation Army and Social Services here in The Bahamas. As we prepared a little over a week in advance hundreds of people lost their homes in a shanty town fire and so, the timing couldn’t be better. Check up updates and photos below.IMG_0472

I was so grateful to have handy helpers Ashley, Dominique. Robyn and many more friends! You guys made this even more worthwhile!


We received a lot of great pieces which we were very happy for! Always remember to give what you would wear yourself or give to someone you know or love.


 Just after an hour we had to bring out two additional tables! We were nearly buried underneath all those clothes!


Family. Love. Charity


The dream team and all it’s contributors

ClothingDriveThankYou copy

Thank you for making this a reality!

Cay to Style

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