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How to reorganize your life from home

OMG IT HAPPENED! It really happened! 

One morning I woke up and I suddenly turned into a woman! 

I know – I was a woman before now but I am talking about the bookkeeping, home maintenance, schedule on steroids, stuff cost a lot of money, conference calls between tapings WOMAN! 

I woke up one day at it just happened. Ladies and gents, the only way you can get through life with minimal chaos, is through ORGANIZATION … and lots of it. In every of your life. I have realized that starting from home sets the tone for the other areas of your life. If home feels like a sanctuary and functions properly, it gives you that extra hmph to kick ass in the real world. Since moving into my new apartment tackling my closet was the main beast I had to take down. I haven’t done a spring cleaning since 2000-and I am too ashamed to say. Here goes a few things that made the process easy for me. 

  • Good music! Try working to this while sorting, folding, hanging.
  • Purchase stacking hangers. These are perfect if you would like to group like pairs of trousers/ like fabrics; on one easy-to-find rack. These hangers also save space so you have room for all the other pieces of clothes in your closet.

  • I’m using large stackable pillows in front of my vanity until I purchase a new accent chair. I am going to raid the thrift store and have it reupholstered
  • I usually roll my scarves up in one basket but it is such a pain trying to find one when I need it most. Using this accessory hanger has also given me the ability to see the scarf before I take it out of the pile to avoid messiness! 

  • I know this wall is bare! Bare with me. Finding the right pieces of furniture is both hard and expensive. In the meantime, I have it life with this leaning ladder-desk for $150.00. It doubles as a design piece and an actual place I can do work. (Not with that chair though. That’s just for a color pop!)
  • I found this dead leaf in my yard and decided to spray-paint it gold. It suddenly turned into a decor item 


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