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Celebrating love

What can I say? I’ll find just about any excuse to plan something special. Birthdays? Check. New accomplishments? Check! Anniversaries? Double check! So you can only imagine the excitement I felt when it was time to plan my anniversary surprise for my man J. I decided to celebrate love at Botanical Gardens!

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Last year we experienced a thrilling helicopter ride, parasailing and jet skiing that ended with a jelly fish sting! Ouch. This year, I wanted to do something just as special and memorable. Here’s how I did it.


J and I love the outdoors and that was a must when I started my planning. I also thought it was about time that we had a few ‘cheesy couples photos’ so I knew I wanted a photo shoot to capture the experience. A huge thank you goes out to Aaron Davis for shooting us. I absolutely love the final images. Botanical Gardens or National Trust came to mind and with about a week and a half to plan I began making some calls. Botanical Gardens, on a Sunday, with no one else there but us; sounded like perfection to me.

If you want to plan a surprise for your special someone choose a venue you’ve never seen before or some place you know he/she will love. Just the thought alone counts.


DSC_0913 (2)


Message Cay to Style on Facebook if you’d like information on venue and planning.


With a tight budget and not much time to plan I had to get creative with jazzing up the place. My list included large pillows, a blanket, baskets and wine! Don’t ever forget the wine.

Here’s a tip. Men usually don’t care much about decorating as us women so don’t stress too much about this part. I needed our photos to be perfect so I couldn’t help myself.

Aneka Stewart



I love cooking for J but if cooking isn’t your thing finger foods work just as well or even pizza! Remember, men are simple. If he likes to eat a certain food, run with that. He’ll love you even more for remembering.


After I got over my initial nerves the venue provided perfect views for a stroll. Luckily we live in a day and age where we have Beats Pill so throw one in your purse and stream his fave Drake album! 5 more points for girlfriend of the year.

Botanical Gardens

Aaron joined us much later in the evening for a fun photo shoot! Who knew shooting with him would be fun?

Live in the moment

Planning surprises made me realize that I just might be a bridezila in the future. I love focusing on details and I like things to be as close to perfect (or perfect in my eyes) as possible. I reminded myself however, that no matter the grand gesture, the details, the pillows or the music, the most important thing is creating and enjoying special moments with the love of my life. Don’t ever forget to live in the moment.

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Aneka Stewart - Cay to Style

Happy Anniversary J.

Check out for additional work by Aaron Davis. 

Cay to Style

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