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How I used Social Media to land my dream job | Part 1

There is no doubt that social media has changed. Not only has it grown but it has shaped the way we communicate, the way we connect with each other and the way we brand ourselves. Social media certainly found a way to  creep into our lives at every little turn. So why not use it to your advantage? Here’s how I used social media to land my dream job.



More than 2 years ago I started a job that I LOVED! It gave me all the creative freedom I wanted, fun perks and a lot of room to grow. I promised to challenge myself after 2 years and when that time drew near I had my dream job in mind and it included social media management and content creation. Unfortunately, my job at the time couldn’t provide that kind of opportunity for me so I started to feel like maybe my time there was up. Here’s what I did.



Build a brand

Going with the flow isn’t much of my style so when I noticed that I was falling into a rut I committed to representing myself well online. I wanted my online profile to be my digital resume and my business card before people got a chance to meet me. I wanted to practice creating great content for myself and building an audience so when it was time to pitch to a company I would have the profile to back it up. Here are my thoughts on building a brand.

A dog doesn’t have to bark to let you know he’s a dog. 

What does that mean exactly? It simply means – if you’re building a brand you don’t necessarily have to say it. You don’t have to use hashtag ‘branding’ or anything of the sort. I’ve seen this so many times on Instagram and it’s cheesy to be honest. The very definition of branding is: ‘the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.’


The practice of great branding doesn’t require you to say that you’re working on your brand or that you are indeed a brand. The proper practice of branding is living it out. Whether in the way you dress, the things you like to do or the products and/or services you’re providing; let them speak for themselves. Allow people to notice your work and compliment you. It’s in poor taste to do it any other way. If your branding is consistent and done well, you won’t need to announce your entrance. A dog doesn’t have to bark to let you know he’s a dog.

Consistency is key

Don’t drop the ball on your dreams and don’t drop the ball on representing yourself well. You never know who’s watching and as your audience grows and more people discover you, you have to reintroduce yourself in a sense. Your new followers are viewing you and your brand from your most recent work. Make sure it’s top notch, all the time.

The DM Message

I checked my direct messages one day and there it was. A message from my now boss! Who would have thought that one of my followers was scouting for new talent and there she was … in my inbox … asking if I was free to have a talk about a possible job opportunity. I’ll just let that sink in a little.

Find Part 2 – “How I used social media to land my dream job” with more tips and words of advice from my boss can be found here. 


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