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How New York Changed my Life: Part 2 of 4

So let’s pick up where we left off. My visit to New York a few weeks ago put so many things in perspective for me. New York, in so many ways, made me feel so alive and so happy. What a magical place to be! If you haven’t seen part 1 of this article, find it here:

Now that we’re done with that, let’s continue to pull my trip apart for the little details that made it so memorable.

Wearing whatever the hell I want!IMG_8227

How refreshing, to be able to walk down the streets, train stations and Time Square clad in anything I wanted and not have to deal with stares and awkward looks. Back at home, it’s a little annoying sometimes to wear certain things and have people stare at you but I enjoyed doing the same in New York and not feeling like a freak show. I know, this outfit is a little dangerous but it was 93 degrees out! What’s a girl to do?

Style Tip: These trousers are from The Velvet Hanger in The Bahamas. They are a size medium. I hardly ever buy my actual size. This way, I can create my own look.

Secret? This outfit cost me $32.00. The leopard bandeau was 7 bucks from Lorene’s on Bay Street and the trousers were on sale for $25.00!




Coney Island!

I am a big kid at heart. If you give me the opportunity to hop on a ride, eat at a famous spot and have ice cream at the end of it all, I will be a happy camper! The minute we got to Coney Island we ran over to Nathan’s for their famous cheese hot dogs. I treated myself to a lobster roll which felt like heaven in my mouth! Next stop -the Wonder Wheel! I must admit that it is a slow ride but it provided us with a full view of the entire park.

Visiting charming/ bomb ass stores – The Cast


Located on 71 Orchard Street  – New York, this little rock star inspired store was quite the treasure. You know what made this experience even more exciting for me? The owner, Chuck cut my shirt up for me. I just love putting a twist on things. And for the first time ever, I was a little comfortable getting close to a dog. It was so much fun chatting with the boys.



 Street Art

I love a city with lots of character. I also love a good backdrop for a picture and there was lots of that in New York. This, which was one of many really got my attention. And at almost every art work, I stopped to snap a photo. How wonderful.





China Town

Flowers were in bloom, EVERYWHERE! This was my first time seeing an Allium Bulb, also known as an Allium Gladiator, in person. So many young people were out in the park playing wall ping pong and I even stumbled on a really cheap bakery for sweet treats!



Confucius Statue
















 Time Square!

Talk about hustle and bustle and lots of sights to take in. I also got my first caricature (which didn’t look much like me but what the hell!)


Orchard Street and East Village

If you were having a bad day, the minute you walked outside your spirit was lifted. Orchard Street in particular was my favorite because there was so much character there. Some parts make you feel like you were in Europe and everyone was outside with their dogs and eating on the street corners in bistros, patios and outside bars. What a delight for an evening stroll. Finding little bakeries on the walk was wonderful as well. They were inexpensive and provided the cutest, tastiest bites.

The trip got more exciting as the days went by. Stay tuned for our follow up post on how amazing New York was to me!

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