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How New York Changed my Life: Part 3 of 4

For the first 2 parts of this article see the link provided:


… and now, we are here for our third post! Let’s dive back into things!


Located in Greenwich Village, New York, this Caribbean spot was one of my favorite places in New York! The Jamaican/Bahamian in me loved everything about it – except the price of drinks. How expensive! I’m so used to paying $5 for mixed drinks at home and the same for beers (and less in some places) but a glass of Absolut and Cran ran me into $10! How outrageous. Outside of that, this spot was the real deal! There was def a more mature crowd but the music was sooooo good! And everyone were from different parts of the Caribbean which I loved! Def a great spot for the grown and sexy!



I can’t even post pics from my night at the Faluka Lounge located 162 Bleeker Street, because – well … ha! Let’s leave that there. I loved that you could get hookah all night and once again, the music was EVERYTHING! The crowd was a little younger than that you would find in Negril but it was so much fun! We got back to our place the next day. Great spot for Caribbean folks once again!

Brunch at Cafe Mogador

If I could snap by fingers and be anywhere right now, it would be in East Village, New York at the Mediterranean and Moroccan restaurant – Cafe Mogador!


I will only say this!


Poached Eggs

Banana Pancakes

Pita Bread

Moroccan Eggs

About $10 each

How’s that for having a great brunch, in style – within budget!


Macaron Parlour

Also located in East Village, just down the street from Cafe Mogador this little parlour was so intimate and cozy. Best part? This was my first time having a macaron and I must say – this girl has been converted! I don’t remember the cost but it certainly wasn’t much! Get one!


Bikes, dogs and flowers

What a perfect time I chose to visit New York! The weather was soooooo beautiful! Surprisingly, I pet a few dogs as well. I am usually so afraid of dogs but it was nice to see so many people out with theirs. A lot of flowers were in bloom as well. These provided wonderful photo opportunities. Take a little time to enjoy the small things.


By this time, I felt so alive and so entertained. A few more amazing moments followed these experiences that I can’t wait to share. Stay tuned for part 4!

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