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How New York changed my Life: Part 4 of 4

So here we are! The last of my New York experience.

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I was winding down and getting ready to jet set back home. The weather was so perfect and we were still in the mood for some adventure!


Heading to the Brooklyn Museum was something I really looked forward to. We started the day pretty early but one of my favorite things about New York was the fact that it didn’t matter what time you left your home, you could still maximize your day!

IMG_8742Random happenings …

How often do you see a model workin’ it in front of Starbucks close to Time Square? I don’t know about you, but that was certainly pretty cool for me to see. I loved that you could walk pass a live photo shoot and people that dressed how they wanted. It was great to see so many different people from all walks of life, being themselves, and no one really seemed to care! Work it girl!


We even ran into Lion Babe on a photo shoot in East Village! Such an amazing woman with an amazing voice!

The Brooklyn Museum


A huge part of me just wants to leave it at “The Brooklyn Museum” and just have you sense how absolutely breathtaking and wonderful this experience was! But I can’t 🙁

So I will try my best to describe this part of the trip.


The art and history in this place was so special. We were also greeted with a tribal dance in the front of the museum! What a delightful experience.


Connecting people and places indeed.


5 floors of art and history was a little overwhelming. There was no way you could see it all bu the parts that you did see certainly moved you.


Totally mesmerized by all the beauty and history


We were reminded that all the things that are due to us will come to us if we work hard enough and wait until the perfect time. What is yours, will always be yours.


Bonding with my best friend. Just one of those special moments that you can’t quite put into words …


I was a little close to tears at this point. Yes, I am a complete sap fest! But I felt so overwhelmed with emotions because of the exposure to so much information and history. There is a huge world out there and the minute we decide to step out of our every day world we begin to experience all the other immaculate things and people God has created. If that isn’t powerful, I don’t know what is!

Time Square at 4 AM! YIKES!


I was on a quest to find a I [heart] New York shirt and I refused to let up even just hours away from getting to the airport. I must admit that the city does indeed go to sleep at some point but all the bright lights and hot dog stands were enough for me! We also caught a glimpse of The Bahamas’ ad! How cool!


How this experience made me feel …

The most beautiful feeling was the feeling of confidence on this trip. Before landing, I was undecided about some goals and how to accomplish those goals and second guessed a lot of ideas I had. New York gave me the feeling that life is filled with endless possibilities and I can make anything of my life, once I work hard enough. Another interesting factor was that everyone that I came in contact with on the streets and in restaurants that I thought were fabulous were paying ME compliments and telling ME how fabulous I was. It certainly was a confidence booster!

The best part was exposure and education. It is so easy to become consumed with the only reality you have but there’s a big beautiful world out there, filled with a million great things to do to help you become a better person. This trip was the spring board to a whole new season and chapter in my life and it feels amazing! I hope I inspire people to do the same.

Until my next travel adventure, dream HUGE, work hard, have FUN and trust God’s vision for your life.

New York – I love you.

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