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I wear men’s clothing

Hi, 2.Shortsmy name is Aneka Stewart and I am a shopaholic.

How do I know I have this problem? Well, If I can’t find what I am looking for in female stores (where I belong), I somehow find what I want in men’s clothing stores. I even purchase clothes that aren’t my size and jazz it up by adding belts and other accessories.

This problem began when I worked as a Sales Associate then Manager of European clothing store, United Colors of Benetton. For a woman with a small frame like myself, wearing European clothing was always a plus because they’re cut a little smaller than American clothing. And I must admit, some styles can be worn on both sides.

I love V-Necks, particularly deep V-Necks. This V-Neck depicted in this picture was so loose but worked well with shorts for summer nights.












I’m a sucker for clothes that are comfy and gives me enough freedom to move around. This linen button down tunic is one of my favorite pieces. I use it quite a bit for the beach over my swimsuit and sometimes with shorts for something quick and casual.

IMG_2432I loved that tunic so much I copped the green as well. Once again, it worked so well with shorts over my bathing suit during the hot summer months.















This shirt is another go to piece for me. I also have it in white and when I’m feeling lazy I throw it on with a pair of trousers for work. I also decided to throw on this emerald necklace to make it a little girly and pulled the arms up to a quarter pitch. So comfy!















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