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Imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery

I’ve heard it time and time again: ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ but let me just say I disagree. I can certainly agree with ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ but I truly believe that you can draw inspiration from people but not mimic exactly what they do.



* It is important to set your own standard

I’ve learned very early on that if you ever want to monetize what you do or even gain respect from onlookers, you have to set your own standard and your own style. If you are mimicking what someone else is doing how will people be able to tell you apart? How will people gain respect for you if you are entering the game with the same moves from the previous player? People respected the other player because he brought something different to the ring, and there sure is enough room for more players to join and bring their special touch to everything! Bring your own A-game!


* Ask for help

If you are inspired by someone try asking them for help or for tips on how they’ve accomplished what they have. Some people would be happy to take someone under their wings and teach them some tips and tricks but how will you know that if you don’t even ask? Asking for help helps you to get the information you need and respect you deserve for your hard work.



* Don't ruin possible relationships

If you want to network and work in a particular industry, having great relationships with people is key. If come you come off as unoriginal, dishonest and lazy, no one in that industry will respect you or will want to work with you. Protect your future self and future business by creating a great reputation and maintaining a great moral code.


* Challenge yourself

How else will you get better at something? Challenge your imagination and your skills by creating your own lane and your own handiwork. There is so much growth and joy in crafting something your way. Don’t rob yourself of that opportunity.


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