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Kolage: A Memory Maker’s dream!


Do you take pictures as much as I do? Or even most of your followers on Instagram? What about Scrap-booking? If you’ve answered yes to either Kolage is for YOU!

WARNING: The following photos are going to melt you heart! Approach with caution.

We sat with Founder Tonya Williams to get more information on this creative business she has embarked on here in The Bahamas.

TonyaHow did you start?

After leaving my old job I wanted something new; and something that was on my own terms. I started with The Little Pink Party and then the Cutest Kid’s Competition.


Why a photo book?

I had a ton of pictures of my daughter and wanted to buy a book that you could just stick pictures in. More so, no one on the island was doing it, I really love scrap-booking and digital is definitely the way to go. Also, in order to make a scrap book, you have to buy so many things to put one page together. This is the easy way!

What kind of products do you provide?

Kolage creates photo books, calendars, invitations and announcements. We also provide those books in the following sizes: 5×7 , 8X11 and 12×12. The books are available in hard cover, padded cover, leather cover. Our calenders come in desk style. Wall calenders are available as well.





What are some of your photo taking tips for all the picture fanatics?

  • Always be camera ready!
  • The best photos are the candid ones! Enjoy all the little moments in life!
  • Family is important so continue to build memories with them.



As is relates to expansion – Kolage has already started the creation of first anniversary books!


Find Kolage on Instagram, Twitter, face book and Pinterest  using ‘kolagecreations’ as their user name!


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