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Love, Hope and Charity

I have never had such a thrilling; electrifying feeling in my life.

The first of those feelings came from falling in love; 6 years ago. He didn’t know I was in love with him … but I just knew I was.

Little did he know, I was living out an entire life with him in my head. By the following year, I was having dinner with his parents, snuggling up on the couch on Saturday nights and treating him like a king … in my head.

He didn’t know.

And although it pained by heart not to tell him, it also secured my heart by keeping such top secret information from him. I didn’t want to risk losing him. Furthermore, wouldn’t he think I’m a loser?

But I loved him.

So today, 6 years later … he loves me.

And although I am watching my wildest, crazy fantasy unfold; it’s so surreal, I’m not sure how to handle it.

And everyone – think it’s so beautiful and charming and wonderful and full of promise but my little heart won’t let up.

“Mind your heart. Be good to your heart. Mind your heart. Take your time.”

And with that, amongst all the other angst of this life – that, along with the thought of a whole new chapter, I feel like my Creator is using me.

Do you know what it feels like to feel like He is so close to you? Do you understand how intimidating but crazy, awesome, beautiful, fantastic that is? Do you understand the POWER in that? Do you get it?

So with all that was mentioned, how’s a girl to keep her cool?

All I want to do is sky dive because being that far up is exactly where I imagined I wanted to be. But falling, all the way down; so fast is secretly how I want it.

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