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I am heartbroken.

I am heartbroken because we are still having discussions about NATURAL hair in our communities and worst – in our schools. Incase you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, check out this video that has taken our country by storm. Since its release, it has sparked quite a discussion and the video has since been shared on BuzzFeed  and Now This News.

Girls Fight Back After Getting Suspended Because Of Natural Hair

These girls were suspended from school because their natural hair looked “unkempt”

Posted by NowThis on Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Since the break of this news the #NaturalIsProfessional photo campaign was born. Their aim states:

The ‘NaturalIsProfessional’ photo campaign was spawned from the backlash High School students received when wearing their hair the way it grows and was told it was ‘Untidy, un-groomed, unkempt, and it looks like it would not have been combed for days’ by the School Official. Further stating this was done to ‘prepare her students for today’s job market.’

Natural Hair Professionals along with Happy Hair Boutique joined forces to show that natural hair is professional and to show their support for these students.

This campaign will feature current professionals such as a Medical Engineer, Dentist, CPA, Doctor, Tourism Specialist and Business owners. These professionals rock their natural kinks and curls daily. The campaign will also feature the very students who started this movement as future professionals.

Happy Hair Boutique Owner: Carol-Lynn Taylor | Organized by Randia Coakley

Here are some of the highlights from tonight’s shoot. Official photos by Torrel Glinton to come.

Tayjha Deleveaux was brought to tears tonight as she stated: “I don’t care what people say. I am going to stand up for what I believe in. I didn’t expect this to get this far or get this much attention but I love my natural hair. Natural hair is beautiful.”

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I’ve heard this discussion time and time again in the past but I never thought that we will still be having this discussion in 2016. How are we still talking about something that grows from a someone’s body- naturally?

I pray for the day that we look beyond what’s exterior and focus on the things that truly matter; like a person’s heart, mind, integrity and character. Someone’s hair does not define who they are or what they know. Let’s focus on what’s inside the head, instead of what’s on top of it.

Randia Coakley: ” … there are so many layers to be fixed. I think we will see a shift as a result of this campaign. We have doctors here, Mechanical Engineers, business owners, news reporters and HR professionals here; the people who decides who to hire or not.”

What is your opinion on the #SupportThePuff movement?


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  • Karen S

    Absolutely we should #supportthepuff! Was her hair dirty? Doubtful! And while I don’t have first hand knowledge of the exchange between the student and the principal, I did see the principal’s interview, and she either expressed herself really poorly, or she’s a bit of a dinosaur with little or no idea on how to empower the children in her care on the importance of self-love. I am a professional woman who has rocked natural hair for around 15 years with no hindrance or censure, and it definitely has not impeded my career growth! And this was before it became trendy again!

    February 17, 2016 at 7:32 am Reply

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