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New York in a Nutshell

IMG_8318“Now You’re in New York!

Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of!

There’s nothing you can’t do!”


And with those lyrics by Alicia Keys and all the stories I’ve heard from friends I knew I had to see New York before I leave this earth. I promise to break down the trip a little more in another post but here are a few of my favorite snapshots from the trip.

IMG_8029 IMG_8168 IMG_8227 IMG_8140 IMG_8159 IMG_8238 IMG_8286 IMG_8399 IMG_8410 IMG_8482 IMG_8513 IMG_8514 IMG_8538 IMG_8738 IMG_8820 IMG_8821 IMG_8853 IMG_8862

Cay to Style

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