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Praise Break

I vaguely remember the day I was baptized. The only thing I can remember for sure is that I prayed and asked God if that is what He wanted from me and He answered: Yes. I was 15 years old. I was a member of a church and even participated in the service but I never really had a close relationship with God. Yes, I prayed daily but my relationship with Him never really went deeper than that; and when it did, it lasted for a time but I struggled with consistency. 


I love how God still loves us regardless. We oftentimes treat God like a butler. We ring Him up when we need Him and forget about Him when we [feel like] don’t. I love that He still cares for us when we behave like that because if you live long enough, you’ll come to understand that you need God every second of everyday. 


I decided that I wanted to take my relationship with God a lot more seriously in 2016 and boy what a ride that has been so far. Here’s the thing; when you ask God to come into your life, He will gladly do so, but you can be sure of a whole new life. Anytime God appears, you can expect disruption (for your good). As human beings, we like to hold on tight to the things, people and habits we love but if you are indeed serious about getting closer to God, it will require that you give Him permission to rule in your life. After deciding that I was  a lot more serious about the next phase of my life, everything changed. They say when you decide to journey with God, you are signing up for war and ain’t that the truth! Choosing salvation again didn’t mean that my days were filled with sunshine and that birds chirped by my windowsill in the mornings. It really meant that my faith would be tried (time and time again) and that I would be tempted (time and time again). It meant that my big talk about ‘knowing’ God would be tested by spiritual warfare. It has been a crazy ride since but I am glad that I can still have a praise break in the midst of everything. 

My focus has always been on my career development. I don’t care about much but when it comes to my goals and my career, I take that very seriously. I’ve come full circle in a sense. I hosted a show named Native Stew, interviewed the CEO of Sandals Resorts, went on to work for Sandals Resorts as a Social Media Specialist, left Sandals Resorts to co-host a show named ‘The Stew”, left ‘The Stew’ and went back to Sandals Resorts in another capacity. The story goes on and on.


I am usually an open book but this stage of my life feels particularly sacred to me. I hope to share more of what this stage of my life means and I hope that it adds light to your life to do the things you have always wanted to do. 

I am not sure what the future holds. All I know is that I am trusting in God for this next phase in my life. He has shown Himself to me in more ways than one and for that, I am grateful and excited. Journey with me. 

Fly baby. 



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