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Salmon Sunday

I must admit, I am a little ashamed. If salmon is available on the menu at any restaurant I visit, I make it my business to order it but I have never cooked salmon myself. It was with great pleasure that I stopped by Solomon’s Fresh Market to pick up some beautiful and fresh salmon to whip up on Sunday afternoon for me and my beau.

I am a sucker for seasoning. I love dicing and dividing garlic and so much more. Sweet seasoning, perfectly fresh parsley, bold black pepper, mouth watering mushrooms and the list goes on. I sat my salmon in a round tuba-wear the night before cooking to ensure the taste I love seeped right in.


I love a great piece of salmon with mashed potato and veggies. I usually purchase and cook boxed mashed potato but today, I wanted to put some extra love into it so I decide to make my mash from scratch. I wish I remembered to dice up my potatoes more before boiling but I went through mashing them until they were near perfect. Parmesan cheese, cream, minced garlic, parsley, butter and a little salt and I was ready to go!


IMG_2524_resizedWhat’s eating without flavor … and some color. I sautéed some green peppers, zucchini, mushroom, onions and white wine to top my salmon once it was done. Yum, yum!

IMG_2517_resized IMG_2516_resized

IMG_2505_resizedI was finally ready to take the plunge and add my salmon to my frying pan. A little olive oil and in they went! After frying on both sides for 3 minutes each I wrapped my salmon strips in foil, added a small slice of butter on top and sent them to the baker for 10 minutes.


And just like that, I was done. I paired this dish with a glass of Chardonnay and my gent. What a perfect Sunday and a perfect dish!

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