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Simple pleasures: Beaching and Praising in paradise


I’ve never been this love sick and excited and inspired and driven in all my life.

For whatever reason, I feel like God is using me and He is pushing my in the exact direction I need to go. I have accomplished things I never knew I could recently and often times I don’t even know why I am doing those things. The only thing I know is that God wants magnificent things for me, my family and my friends.


Understanding God’s purpose for my life seems to be a life long journey. How do you decide what’s that ‘it’ thing for you? How do you bring glory to God’s name in the process? How do you know for sure that all you’re doing is what He expects?

Thing is, you probably will never know but the journey to finding out is worth every second!

Do you know what the most beautiful thing about God’s love is? It never changes. It doesn’t hold grudges. It is forgiving. It is safe. It is so precious and mind blowing. I never want to go without God’s love!


God’s love keeps us safe and it carries us when we can’t stand any longer.

Enjoy the beautiful moments. Change the things you can. Make a difference. And always remember praise God every step of the way.

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