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Style Cay: Comfy Stirrups


I am all about comfort when it comes to style. Yes, I like to look good but I also want to be comfortable when I’m all dressed up. Here’s how I jazzed up my green stirrups over the past 2 years I’ve had them.


Cowl necks are great for work or casual wear. I added a straw belt to this the first time I wore these leggings. Very classic and simple.


Fringe necklaces are so fun and flirty. This always adds some jazz to a basic white t- shirt for me. I used this the third time wearing these leggings and I def think I made the right choice.

leopard flats target

Leopard flats bring out the feisty little girl in me! This works wonders next to green as well.


Stirrups are awesome when you don’t want to be bothered with denim. They are also great when you don’t want to wear plain ole leggings. Get yourself a pair if ever you come across one.

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