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The man behind the lens – Scharad Lightbourne

IMG_0951[1]Capturing special stories through a D600 27 Megapixel full frame HDSLR to evoke much more than emotions, but memories that will live on forever … 

If you want to know what it’s like to see the works of Scharad Lightbourne that’s it in summation.

It seems that born talent, like the one you see in the timeless work of Scharad Lightbourne; have a beautiful story attached to the journey. That interesting journey an artist goes through to find not just his niche but his unique way to convey a message – through photography. Let’s take a stroll down the mind of Scharad Lightbourne.

I was intrigued to know when Scharad started photography.

Sebas Bastian for Stylezine

Scharad, when did you start? But most importantly, when did you realize this was your thing and that it was going to be your thing for the rest of your life

In my third year of college I studied web design and I chose photography as an elective. I really only registered for that class because of a friend. Once I decided to apply myself that class became interesting.

My favorite thing about the class was that I was in control of my creativity. I started to draw inspiration from different things around me.

I almost dropped the class but I had to apply myself technically.

I ended up acing the class and used photography as a part of my thesis.

Vanessa Pritchard

Once I got back in Nassau I worked in a graphic firm but I realized that the more graphic work I did the less creative I was. I told my parents and they were so supportive of what I wanted to do.

What was that defining moment?

Quote7 copy

What was most challenging in the beginning?

My thought was: ‘How do you top your next work? “

Style has evolved and I have evolved as a person.

I remember when I started I wanted everything in my photos. I wanted the lights, the background the big jewelry, the hat, everything. But I’ve changed and grown. I don’t believe in the traditional but I believe in photos that are timeless, beautiful and creative.

Shante McAlpin

One word Scharad – E-sessions!

 I was spazzin’! What a beautiful way to give couples something to look back on years from now.

My dad is very particular. He would say: ‘do it right the first time.’

That added with everything that I learned in school are a part of what makes my images what they are today. I had to produce a process book, I had to research, I had to get all the important information and say why I had certain elements in my photos. Both my dad and school taught me to be thorough in the work that I produce. The market was already saturated with mediocrity. I couldn’t be that!

After I shot my first couple the E- sessions took off.

I love meeting couples and finding out their story and translating that into photos.

Freddie & Kiki in "Love & Basketball"

Scharad has totally changed the way traditional engagement photos are taken and brought to life.

Through his E- sessions, he documents a couple’s love story through a near perfect imagery of the unique love for each other. He noted:

“Every couple’s story is different and I don’t want to just capture photos by the beach in a white dress. I want to capture what brought the couple together and what’s makes them special and unique.”

The couple pictured above are huge basketball fans so Scharad brought that love for their love AND basketball to life through this captivating image.

What a beautiful concept!

I had to ask: “What keeps you up at night?”


Movies too.

But I look a lot at photos from photographers all around the world to not just draw inspiration but to draw inspiration and learn how to compete on a global platform.

Quote9 copy

What would you be if you were not a photographer?

This is going to be funny but I am so serious – I would be a DJ

I was so amused by this. Indeed, Scharad began laughing when he said this but I heard the conviction in his voice.

Quote8 copy

If you found this amusing, this was only half of the humor Scharad brought to the table.

Check out part 2 of this article as I dig a little deeper into the mind of Scharad to talk about his least favorite things about photography, preparing for such fabulous shoots and his advise to up and coming photographers!

In the meantime, check out his website for more stunning images!

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