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Travel Diary – Connecting the dots | Part 1

Jet setting wasn’t always a goal of mine but somehow I’ve found myself in quite a few airports and a constant change in temporary location. I must admit, I love traveling. Not so much the act of traveling from one place to the next but the change of scenery. I love seeing how people from other parts of the world live their day-to-day lives and I enjoy experiencing a little bit of their culture even more. But believe me when I say the road to getting to those pristine waters, lit up Time Squares and salsa dancing couples in Monterrey Mexico isn’t always paved with a smooth ride. Here’s a page from my travel diary.

My worst travel story to date was that of my first flight to Monterrey, Mexico back in 2013. I was about to see my love, J for the first time in 4 months (long distance relationships suck)! Could you imagine my excitement? I skimmed the Internet for cheap tickets and it cost me 3 connecting flights and a 5 hour layover to get to him. WTF was I thinking?

Cheap isn’t always a good thing. Bite the bullet and book a ticket that gets you to your destination with the least amount of connections. You never know the length of the line going through security and you never know how far your gate may be to get from one checkpoint to the next. Book connections with maybe an hour in between (if you can help it) to give yourself time to eat, go through security, and get from one point to the next with ease. Be very careful of layover times when booking your ticket. I learned this lesson the hard way.

Monterrey Mexico

Monterrey Mexico

3 connections. 5 hour layover. Just let that sink in. Nassau to Miami. Miami to Dallas. Dallas to Monterrey. A trip to Miami is always easy and at that time a friend of mine lived there. She promised to pick me up from the airport so we could hang out but to my dismay, she cancelled at the last minute. And I’ll be honest, I counted all my little coins to buy my ticket and some fly gear so I was not entertaining the idea of booking a hotel; especially because I was on the next flight out at 6AM. So there I was, in an empty, freezing airport- alone. Until some weirdo came and sat next to me; telling me the ins and outs of his marijuana business on a farm.

Morning came and I was at the check in counter before airport staff. I asked the gentleman: “How is the weather in Dallas? should I take my coat with me or leave it in my luggage before checking it on?”

“It’s fine” he said. “It’s not cold in Dallas” he said. I get to Dallas, no coat in tow and behold, Dallas is as cold as an igloo.

ALWAYS check the weather of the place you’re traveling to and pack accordingly. Always bring a scarf for cold airports and invest in a winter coat in the event that you have to journey to colder countries. My winter coat came in handy in Mexico and Boston where the temperature dropped to the 40’s while I was there.

Needless to say, by the time I got to Mexico I did not want to get out of bed. With that much drama from airport to airport I had no energy in me to carry on.

What I liked about Monterrey

Architecture: I loved seeing so many tall, modern buildings.

The mountains: I mean, that’s what you call a change of scenery.


Avacado: It was in everything and available everywhere! That is def the way to my heart.

Street art and museums: We visited Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MARCO) and I experienced one of the best art showcases I’ve ever come across. If you’re into art I think it is mandatory to visit a museum near you. It’s always great to see how artists from around the world express themselves.

What are some of your travel tips and secrets?

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