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Watch history in the making – A talk with Giorgio Knowles


I sat eagerly waiting on young entrepreneur, Giorgio Knowles on a sunny afternoon in Harbor Bay. As I prepared with a freshly brewed cup of hot cocoa I must admit that I didn’t know what to expect. 

‘I wonder how much information he’s willing to share.’ ‘What questions should I avoid?’ What questions should I ask?

My mind became consumed with so many what if’s and what not’s …

Clad in an immaculate navy blazer, khaki chinos and a bold plum pocket piece, Giorgio, walked in with an aura of confidence!

Can I stop to say that as I sat to write this article a week after our meeting Mr.Knowles walked into the busy Starbucks I sat it?! Talk about pressure!

I wanted to dig into his creative mind. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months let me be the first to tell you that Giorgio is the creator of the first ever luxury watch LuCairi.


What is the 411 on Mr.Knowles?


Things are great. So much has happened at once after being out of work last year. This year was a turnaround for me.

Let’s dive right in! Let’s talk about LuCairi

When creating a brand, something that has never been done before and unimaginable- one doesn’t wake up and decide tomorrow that he is going to make a watch. The complexity in building the watch is something he has never faced before. Creating t-shirts (Giorgio is creator of Conchience Clothing) is basic but creating a watch is on a whole different level.

9 different suppliers, 4 different countries and the list goes on!

Quote4 copy

I thought it was too taxing and I spent so much time in front of my computer. My mind was being consumed with getting the watch done. Every minute was devoted to how I will launch but more so, launch with a great product!


When you’re married, your time is shared with your partner. Time was against me in launching LuCairi because I needed it to be done for The Bahamas’ 40th Independence and I had just 6 months to get it done. I had no understanding of watches; just simple information about watches but not manufacturing.

It seems Mr. Knowles had quite the task on his hand.

By the time we got here I was so inspired to be sitting with Giorgio. I was so captivated by his passion and drive. It was electric!

Quote5 copy

No one thought about creating this before but I did. There’s power in that!

Giorgio then noted: “Up to a couple days before independence I didn’t know the fine details. It was a miracle I pulled off the press conference. I was tapped out but I had to remind myself to be the best at what I do.”


“At this point half of  the watches are  already gone. I’m now working on a female watch – Lucairi Crystal Ocean. And for the guys –  LuCairi Island Heritage.

Once the press conference was booked I started working on the next watch. I am never far behind because I think too forward.”

Quote6 copy

Passion and innovation rolled off of Giorgio’s tongue.

How did you think Bahamians would respond to this new product?

“I have been in a situation where I’ve launched something new before. I knew I would get large response because of quality. Quality would shut up naysayers. The name itself separates me from everyone.

“LuCairi” is a new word. It had never been spoken before until I penned it. “Conchience” was the same. It was never spelt that way until I penned it.

When I think of branding I think of longevity and uniqueness.


LuCairi is luxury on island time. Simply meaning that from an international standpoint when people think of island time they think of paradise and relaxation.


Our talk got even more interesting as we talked about challenges Giorgio faced, his support system and what we can expect from LuCairi. Stay tuned for the second chapter of our talk as I dug deeper into the mind of this dynamic, yet humble man.


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