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Goombay Festival in Pompey Square

What an exciting weekend I had!

Friday marked the last day for the exciting Goombay Festival in Pompey Square. Peep my favorite snapshots below. 


I love the new Pompey Square on Bay Street


What a festive affair!


I wish we had more daiquiri stands around town. This one was soooooooooo good!  A little strong, but good!


That went straight to my head!


I was so disappointed that the festival only happens once a year. Most of the vendors agreed to the same. This festival was wonderful in bringing them exposure.


Speaking with Journalist Chrissy Love and Director at the Ministry of Tourism – Charity Armbrister.



Super excited visitors enjoying the festivities.

  IMG_2193 IMG_2215

Deejay CRX! IMG_2216

We simply can’t wait for next years festival. In the meantime enjoy what our beautiful island has to offer!

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