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Weekend Wrap Up: Rock Climbing

It’s always difficult for me to enjoy my weekends like normal 9 – 5 people do because I work shifts; and late ones at that. So whenever I am off, particularly on the weekend, I am super excited and always looking for something fun and exciting to do.

This Saturday I suprised my friends with Rock Climbing at Climber’s Rush at the Atlantis, Paradise Island! I knew it was going to be an amazing day but I had no idea the experience was going to be so awesome. Not to mention, we learned some valuable lessons along the way.

RockClimberIt was so hot out on Saturday but it’s the second day of summer and this girl is absolutely in love with sun, sand, sea and adventure!




First time rock climbers!









One of the most wonderful things about this experience was conquering a challenge we thought we couldn’t conquer. The wall was a little intimidating for some people but there was great coaching to get to the top. Our instructor refused to let us down; even when it burned to climb up those walls.



Fear is always lurking in the corner trying to make us second guess our decisions. Because of fear, we become paralyzed and we psych ourselves out of experiencing God’s blessings and life experiences that can teach us so much. Luckily, we have coaches to help us to along. They remind us of the strength we have and they keep us reminded of our potential.


Having supportive friends is really important in life. Sometimes you need people in your life that know when you need an extra push or a reminder that you’re absolutely awesome! And that there’s no one like you. Your friends can be candid and honest with you and speak from a place of love. Celebrate your friends and the bond you have.


The journey usually looks tough and most times you’ll feel your legs wobbling; as if they are about to give out but as cliche as it sounds you have to keep climbing. Pace yourself, remember that you have the best coach, God and remember the real love and support you have from family and friends. Eventually, you’ll get there!



Started from the bottom, now we here …

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