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What it means to be a woman

We all have our own opinions on what it is to be a woman and we certainly share different views on what it is to be a good woman at that.

We – women – have also been burdened with the task of defining ourselves as women through the accomplishments we’ve had, the mountains we’ve been able to move, the men  we’ve convinced to love us, the magnitude of our dreams and through our physical appearance. Oh
my – the physical stuff.

But why all this pressure? Why all
this pressure to define ourselves everyday for people who either aren’t women or people who aren’t the same kind of women we are?

Who really knows what being a woman really means?

If my views aren’t very traditional does that make me less of a woman?

If I’m an open book and I love to share my passion with the world, still less of a woman? What about if I cut my hair and go makeup free and sometimes bra-less too, does that make me … not a woman?

Here’s what I say:

Being a woman means owning those 10,000 emotions you feel a day.

Being a woman means wearing your passion on your sleeves and carrying your inspiration on your tongue.

Being a woman means getting acquainted with ALL of your burning desires, your dreams. So acquainted that when you finally get to experience them it feels like Deja vu.

Being a woman means breaking out in praise when you feel God’s presence and venting to Him in the form of tears sometimes because only your heart can express your thankfulness.

Being a woman means carrying a song in your heart … house, jazz, R&B in the middle of a drawn out meeting and it means having a heart filled with butterflies for no reason at all.

Being a woman means that your views on beauty may change tomorrow and again on the weekend and again on the holiday and again at the end of summer.

Being a woman means …

Your head is your blank canvas and you can paint it any way you’d like.

Your eyes are wanderlust but they can focus on anything that means the world to you.

You let your shoulders tell your friends how you really feel. Are you tired? Are you upset? Are you timid?

Being a woman means your breasts provide a sweet comfort almost always, no matter the size.

Your waist feels just as special and important as your back.

Your thighs, in all its smoothness cups just the right amount of water at the beach and holds your favorite dessert in place while you reach for the remote.

Being a woman means your legs feel glorious after you’ve shaved them and your feet, your feet carry you to bed when you’ve given your all to the world today .. and tomorrow and again on the weekend and again on the holiday and again at the end of summer.


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