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What July 1st means to me

Well look how quickly time flies! We are already in the second half of the year.



I can still remember New Year’s Eve; almost like it was just a couple months back and now, we are winding down. I was really excited for the official start of Summer but I think having a new month, July, has brought a fresh new energy that I love.

New energy

The start of a new month is so refreshing to me. Forget about New Year’s resolutions. July 1st gives me the feeling of a clean slate and an opportunity to embark on a new journey. I have had a huge turnaround in the past few months and the beginning of July gives me new hope and new optimism. July gives me new strength and new courage.

Being the change I want to see

There’s no doubt that we have issues in our country and communities. But which country doesn’t have their share of issues? This new month gives me the power to be the change I want to see. I want to see people being more inspired and hopeful. I want to see young people doing positive things in their schools and communities. I want to see adults sharing and enjoying love and life. I want us all to let our light shine. And I understand that that starts with me by doing my part. Don’t ever be afraid to let your light shine.

Self awareness

Finally, I’m at a point in my life where people’s opinions of my life and my decisions doesn’t matter. Of course, the opinions of the people that care deeply about me, have the opportunity to tell me when they think I’m going wayward but even that comes with a territory. I am very aware of who I am as a woman and a contributor to the society I live in. I belong. I am talented. I have something meaningful to say.

Accepting that the journey takes hard work

I know so many talented and successful young people. This new day and new energy combined with my self awareness has helped me to accept the reality that my goals and dreams will require my hard sweat, blood and tears. And I am okay with that thought.

Happy July!


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