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What’s have I learned?


I’ve been swamped. I must admit, I’ve asked for this blessing. I asked to be given more opportunities to express myself and wander like never before. I’m simply surprised at how quickly it all happened.

My heart is so wide open and my mind is running like a race horse. I. Don’t. Stop. And I hate it sometimes, but I love every part of it. I love the way my heart and my mind works.

I’ve learned that life doesn’t give you things, you have to tell life what you want and then go swiftly in the direction of getting what you want.

I’ve learned that money is important and you should always ensure you’re setting yourself up to always have it. You need money in life. Period.

I’ve learned that you should show your love, support and appreciation for the person you love. You should also make time for them; no matter how ridiculously busy you get. Take care of your spouse and he/ she will take care of you.

Stay beautiful. Dressing the way you’d like to feel is so important. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you want to show off a bit. And when you show off you get to talk to more people. And when you connect with more people, you build new relationships and life experiences. Maybe I’m exaggerating but that’s how looking good makes me feel about myself and the world. I love it.

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Remember God, always. I like busy and but I love being in the presence of the Lord. I can never describe His love in words. We have such a fun, unique relationship. I’ve learned that God loves us all the same but his love is unique to all of us. We all experience His love in different ways. For God and I? We have a relationship built on His sense of humor. He has showed up in so many ways in some many blatant ways that all I could do is laugh. Anytime I am doubting a decision I made, He shows up with a sign I can’t ignore. He sends me messages in numbers and in dreams and I love that. My friends experience God in different ways and I love that our relationship is different but just as special.

I’ve learned that kindness and generosity goes a long way and both help to make life a beautiful and marvelous experience.

What special lessons have you learned recently? How has it changed your life?

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