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What’s really wrong with Drake’s Hotline Bling | The video

Yes, I caved in and took a valuable 4 minutes and 56 seconds out of my day to watch the much talked about ‘Hotline Bling’ video by Drake. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here. Warning: Be prepared for scenes of cement asses and really weird
salsa and dance hall dance moves.

I’m disappointed.

Drake is an entertainer I actually enjoy listening to because he makes music both me and my man can bump to. Hard hitting punch lines when he’s called out, sap cry fests when he’s in his feelings. He’s like the perfect Chipotle bowl. A little spicy but truly just a mix of sweetness. And then Hotline Bling happened.

The Hotline Bling call center

I’ve been seeing women in music videos, starring as trophies surrounded by perfectly lit video sets since I was a child. I think it is unfortunate that in 2015, where women have advanced far pass what Drake (and other rappers) portray in their music videos, we are still bombarded with images of women being portrayed as nothing but sex slaves and thirst buckets. ‘Of course I’ve played with feet before. I love feet.’

What the entire F*UCK!

The video opens with that line from one of the ‘agents’ at the Hotline Bling call center and I am immediately disgusted. Why is this okay in our world? Why are men okay with objectifying (and embarrassing) women in such a way? Why are women signing on for these roles that further distract the world from what we have accomplished as women? Drake, you can stick your own feet up your own ass for that one.

The set

Let’s face it, Drake can be cheesy and whiny but we all appreciate his music because generally, he is just heartbroken about a woman who left him or decided she wanted to move on with her life. To me, he’s Taylor Swift with a goatee. Always going through a breakup, always sad about it, always telling the world about it. I expected a set or video that spoke more to the woman he was disappointed in for no longer calling him on his cell phone. Bright lights? White stairs? Pink squares? I thought this was cop out and quite flat.

The voguing 

Again, what is the purpose of women just standing there, touching herself for the duration of the video? Can I see something else? Why couldn’t she be busy working and conquering the world instead of just sitting there. On the floor. With bright lights. Watching as Drake dance like he’s at a Quincenera.

The damn dancing

Drake should fire his choreographer, the person who suggested the dancing, his friends for not telling him the dancing was a bad idea; damn – his whole team for this one. I thought it couldn’t get much worse than the Cha Cha and then it escalated to an awkward pelvic thrust, amateur dance-hall and then him trying to rest his head on a bouncing ass?

It truly is my wish that one day we move pass this kind of shabby business and create things of quality. The first thing I think about when I watch these videos is how impressionable young men and women are affected by this kind of video. We have a real responsibility to portray healthy relationships and healthy standards for men and women.

Drake, you can suck it!


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