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When he drives you crazy.

Be with a man that drives you absolutely crazy, ladies. Yes I said it.

‘Why would she suggest such a stupid thing?’, is what you’re thinking right? But let me clarify for you.

Being with a man that drives you crazy simple means you are with someone who makes your mind go deeper, and gives your body this aching; that can only be cured by his warmth and his big arms and his firm chest.

A man that drives you crazy is a man that would challenge you, to be kind and forgiving. A man that encourages you to be slow to wrath and a man that wants the best for you. He isn’t afraid to hurt your feelings and he isn’t afraid to tell you ‘no’! Crazy right?

But so absolutely perfect.

Because of him I’m better. Because of him I’m more forgiving. Because of him, I remember to give it my best; because he gives me the best of him.

Cay to Style

  • Crista

    Absolutely beautiful!

    August 16, 2015 at 10:26 pm Reply

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